Publico promocion coleccion dvd barrio sesamo serie

A Barrio Sesamo video advertisement from 2003, promoting some of the American titles on video and DVD in Spain.

A videography for Barrio Sésamo, the Spanish co-production of Sesame Street. The titles have been released in PAL Region 2 format.


These DVDs are released on newspapers in 2003 from RBA Collectibles, and in 2009, others from PlanetaDeagostini.

In 2003, RBA Collectibles released, together to address the Children's Television Workshop (at that time, Sesame Workshop) 30 volumes containing well, a chapter per disc, 30 chapters of the 1996 series, as they would say, the 3rd season. This is a list of all the booklets, some with pictures and some not.

Also, in August 2009, another distributor, PlanetaDeAgostini launched another collection, this time from the second season of Sesame Street in Spain, where Espinete called "Espinete/ Barrio Sesamo" There where 40 DVD's in total. They arrived every two weeks at the kiosks in Spain. Each DVD contains 2 episodes in 1 DVD.