Baron Purpura, aboard his plane.

Barón Púrpura ("The Purple Baron") is a character on Plaza Sésamo, the Mexican co-production of Sesame Street.

The Baron is an incompetent flying ace who drops in periodically. His catchphrase is "¡Echen paja!" meaning "Throw down straw (for my landing)!"

He's made from the Multimuppet, the Mexican equivalent of the Anything Muppet, which is also used for Modesto Microfono, Señor Lechuga, and other episodic characters.

Barón Púrpura's character design was created by Mexican comic book artist Oscar Gonzalez Loyo from Ka-Boom! Studio. Susana Romero, Gonzalez Loyo's wife and script director at Ka-Boom! Studio, created the Baron's psychology and character traits.

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