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Written by William Attaway and Irving Burgie
Date 1956
Publisher Caribe Music Corp.; Cherry Lane Music Publishing; Dimensional Music of 1091

Harry Belafonte tries to sing his hit song "Day-O" (frequently referred to as "The Banana Boat Song") for the opening number in The Muppet Show episode 314. He is repeatedly interrupted by Fozzie, who wants to do the number up perfectly, as it's the first time Harry has sung this song on TV. Fozzie brings in a pig chorus and offers to be the tally bear. He then tries to get bananas from Beauregard, who brings onions, eggplants and pineapples instead. Then, just when the song comes to an end, Sweetums enters the stage with a bunch of giant bananas, giving Harry satisfaction. After the number, Beauregard rekmarks to Kermit the Frog, "I always thought these was peaches!" referring to a bunch of bananas he has in his hand.

Elmo sings a few lines from the song while dressed as a banana in Elmo's World: Bananas on Sesame Street. Grover leads a counting version of the song, in the Sea World stage show Bert and Ernie's Island Holiday. Gala Sésamo (2010) at Parque Plaza Sésamo included a Spanish version of the song.

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