Songs from Plaza Sésamo
Released 2007
Format CD
Label Cosar Editores
Cat no. 7720408114712

Bailemos Todos (Everyone Dance) is a CD based on Plaza Sésamo, the Mexican co-production of Sesame Street. The album was produced by Cosar Editores in 2007 for Pampers in Chile.

The other two albums in the series are Números, Círculos Y Alegría and Yo Me Porto Bien.

Track listing

  1. Jugar (Play)
  2. Muevan su cuerpo
  3. Siéntate y ejercita
  4. Come bien (Eating well)
  5. El desayuno (The breakfast)
  6. Salten
  7. Sano Comer
  8. Monstruos
  9. El salto de Benny ("Do the Benny Hop")
  10. Reinaldo Baldo 3ro
  11. Danza Africana

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