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Baby Monster
PERFORMER Jerry Juhl 1966
  Jim Henson 1969
  Caroll Spinney 1969
DEBUT 1966

Baby Monster is a purple monster with one horn and one tooth. He debuted on the Ed Sullivan Show, as the son of Fred, and later appeared on the first season of Sesame Street, often along with Scudge.

Other Baby Monsters

Cookie Monster's called his cousin, Cousin Monster, "Baby Monster" in one Sesame Street sketch. In the 1979 book Cookie Monster's Storybook, Cookie Monster's niece is also called Baby Monster. The name runs in the family, as in n the 1994 book Me Cookie!, it's revealed that before Cookie Monster got his name, he was called Baby Monster.

Book appearances

Sesame Street sketches

Picture Theme First appearance Description
Monsters look at "A" Episode 0083 A group of monsters look at a giant letter "A", including this character.
Monsters and the letter "C" Episode 0089 A group of monsters whisper the letter "C", including this character.
Here and There
Here and There Episode 0111 Baby Monster wants to learn about "here" and "there," so the Beautiful Day Monster and Cookie Monster show him by spreading apart, each calling Baby Monster over to their side. However, whenever Baby gets to "there," he always finds himself "here."
First and Last Episode 0116 A group of Monsters, led by a hippie, play a game where they march in a line and then switch directions. Grover wants to be first and not last, but can't keep up with the ever-switching directions.

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