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Written by  Eleanor Freemont
Illustrator  Tom Brannon
Published  1995
Publisher  Western Publishing
ISBN  0307917576

Baby Gonzo Has a Cold is a 1995 Muppet Babies storybook featuring Baby Gonzo.

The Babies have gone outside to play on a chilly famm morning, when Baby Gonzo begins to sneeze. Baby Piggy, concerned that he might be catching a cold, tells Gonzo he needs to cover his mouth when he sneezes. Nanny diagnoses Gonzo with a cold and sends him to bed. She brings him soup and tissues, and he sleeps and reads a book in his crib.

Baby Piggy, Baby Kermit, Skeeter, Baby Rowlf and Baby Animal come inside to check on the sick Gonzo, and Piggy leaves her favorite toy horse with him to keep him company. After eating an oatmeal cookie, Gonzo begins to quietly play with his toys, and the Babies return to discover he's made many interesting things with his toys and crayons.

Baby Kermit then begins to sneeze, and Piggy diagnoses him with a cold as well, but Gonzo assures Kermit that, "sometimes a sick day can turn into a fun day."

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