Babi Floyd (1953-2013) was a singer, songwriter, and voice actor. He composed music for Sesame Street songs beginning in the late nineties, including "Friendship," "Papa Bear's Hug," and the film insert "I'm an Artist" (which featured his vocals).

Beginning in the seventies, Floyd was a busy session singer, backing the likes of Harry Belafonte, Nina Simone, Jimmy Cliff, Bette Midler, Billy Joel, George Benson, Keith Richards, Spin Doctors, and Richie Havens. Outside of records, he performed the PokeRap in the earliest seasons of Pokémon and sang on the film soundtracks for Love at First Bite and The Wiz.

Floyd sang on Between the Lions and commercial jingles, was heard in the film Joe's Apartment (as one of the roach chorus) , and lent his voice to pedestrians and minor characters in the video game Grand Theft Auto V.

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