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Written by Joe Raposo
Ken Snyder
Jack Fascinato
Date 1969
Publisher Ken Snyder Enterprises
Vera Nova Music
Instructional Children's Music
First Episode 0008
Sesame Street B is for Bubble01:04

Sesame Street B is for Bubble

The original version of "B is for Bubble."

B is for Bubble is a Sesame Street song performed by the Kids and an adult male vocalist, over film footage of various kids chewing bubble gum and popping bubbles. The song is sung as a round, to the tune of "Three Blind Mice".

Originally produced on 16mm film in 1969, the segment was made indoors with the kids blowing bubbles against a painted mural in the background. (First: Episode 0008)

The original aired in many episodes featuring the letter B until the early 1990s. The song was then was remade in season 26 outdoors with a new children's chorus (sans the male voice) on magnetic videotape. (First: Episode 3266)

Ernie, some kids, Big Bird and the letter B sang a short rendition of the song for a street scene in Episode 3811.



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