Music by Chris Cerf
Lyrics by Judy Freudberg
Date 2000
Publisher Splotched Animal Music Co.
Sesame Street Inc.
First Episode 3962
Sesame Street B. B02:28

Sesame Street B. B. King The Letter B

B.B. King sings this song along with Big Bird, Bert, Benny Rabbit, Baby Bear and a pair of Anything Muppets. B.B. claims he's the king of B-words, hence his name. During the song, he sings about how if there were no letter B, there would be no beards (which the Anything Muppets rip off of each other) and there would be no Bert, Baby Bear, Big Bird, Benny or himself.


Martin P. Robinson performs the Fat Blue man and Joey Mazzarino performs the Lavender Man.


  • The Best Pet in the World

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