Aunt Agnes, from Bert and the Magic Lamp.

Aunt Agnes Snuffleupagus is Snuffy and Alice's aunt. Aunt Agnes is very friendly and bakes moss-cream cupcakes.

In the 1987 book Don't Be Shy, Agnes lives in Hawaii, the ancestral home of Snuffleupaguses. She visits Snuffy's family for the first time in years; Mommy Snuffleupagus says that Snuffy hasn't seen her "since you were a little ball of snuffle fur."[1] Aunt Agnes brings Snuffy a conch shell from Hawaii.

Aunt Agnes then moves into a cave that connects by a tunnel to the Snuffleupagus family's cave, 456 Snuffle Circle. She's seen in this cave in the 1989 book Bert and the Magic Lamp.

Book appearances


  1. Dickson, Anna H. Don't Be Shy, Western Publishing, 1987.

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