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PERFORMER Fran Brill puppeteer
  Boitumelo Betty Maretele voice
DEBUT 2007

Athena the Owl is one of the stars of Panwapa. She acts as a guide to Panwapa Island for Azibo and the viewer. She frequently speaks directly to the viewers before taking action, inviting them to join her in solving a problem. Always calm and soft-spoken, Athena frequently helps to solve disputes, or redirect the community's efforts to focus on the problem at hand. She also provides encouragement when the community members face a problem.

Athena's favorite food is bread. Like the other residents of Panwapa island she enjoys music and sports. She can speak the sheep's language, and is a niece of Hoots the Owl (who, coincidentally, also has a granddaughter named Athena, a different character and puppet).

Her puppet was recycled as Mr. Screech in The Furchester Hotel.

Official Bio

A warm, wise owl with a hint of irreverence, Athena can sense trouble or confusion before the others and often asks questions to help everyone understand things more clearly. Athena lives in a tree in a comfortable nest near the community area.[1]


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