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Astoria, with her husband Waldorf

Astoria is the wife of Waldorf. She looks like Statler in drag. She appeared just once on The Muppet Show, in episode 413.

When Statler was sick (of the Show), Astoria used his ticket to watch it with Waldorf. She once asked Waldorf how much the Muppets pays him, because who could imagine a "poor stupid turkey" going there for nothing. To this, Waldorf sheepishly replies "gobble gobble." Later on, Astoria finishes the jokes for Fozzie Bear, hoping he would leave. Both Waldorf and Astoria expect that Inspector LaBrea would close the Show. Their wishes are granted when they give out a loud "BOO!" at the end of the episode, to which the Inspector declares, with his screaming monitor in hand, that the Show is canceled.

Astoria often wonders why her husband keeps coming to this "irritating, mindless, incessant nonsense" while he could stay home with her. The only answer from Waldorf was "No comment."

Kermit once states that Astoria is as bad as the two old geezers. Waldorf replies that his spouse is a geezeress, only to be hit in the head by her.

In the Ask web column, writer Jim Lewis was asked to provide information on Astoria.

Astoria was married to Waldorf some time ago. We were unable to reach Astoria for more details, and Waldorf cannot remember anything past last Tuesday, for which he is eternally grateful.

According to comments made by Waldorf on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Pepe's Profiles and Statler & Waldorf: From the Balcony, Waldorf and Astoria are no longer married.


  • Although Astoria looks like Statler, there is no indication in the episode that the two are related. The possibility that Astoria is Statler's twin sister (and therefore Statler and Waldorf are brothers-in-law) has been cited in a number of places on the internet.[1] For more Internet urban myths, see the Rumors section.


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