Jareth sarah dance
Written by David Bowie
Date 1986
Publisher Labyrinth Enterprises
David Bowie - As The World Falls Down03:41

David Bowie - As The World Falls Down

Music video.

"As the World Falls Down" is a song from the movie Labyrinth. The tune is first heard on a music box in Sarah's room at the beginning of the film.

David Bowie performs the song as the Goblin King, trying to seduce Sarah. After Sarah bites into an enchanted peach, she slips away into a dream world created by Jareth. In this dream, Sarah is dressed in a beautiful gown, pursued by Jareth at a Masquerade Ball. The two eventually meet, and dance together.

The track was to be released as a single but it was shelved at the last minute. A music video to accompany the single was also made and featured a girl, not unlike Jennifer Connelly (Sarah), who appears to be infatuated with Bowie. Like the music video for "Underground", it features scenes from the film as well as new content with Hoggle. Although never released on any Labyrinth video or DVD, it can be found on the VHS and laserdisc Bowie: The Video Collection and the DVD Best of Bowie. It was also released to Bowie's official YouTube channel, and later to music publisher EMI's channel.

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