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Schwarzenegger as Prince Hapi.


Kermit parodying one of Schwarenegger's most famous movie roles.

Arnold Schwarzenegger (b. 1947) is an actor and politician most famous for his action movie roles, including The Terminator series. He also appeared as Mr. Freeze in Batman & Robin.

Schwarzenegger appeared on the same 1977 edition of Russell Harty and later on play Prince Hapi in the Creature Shop-effects movie Around the World in 80 Days.

He was elected Governor of California in 2003, and served until 2011.


  • In a Grover and Mr. Johnson sketch on Sesame Street, Mr. Johnson visits the gym where Grover is an instructor. While working with Mr. Johnson, Grover calls out to some of the other unseen clients, including Sly, Mr. Piscopo (Joe), and Arnold.
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