PERFORMER Richard Hunt
DEBUT 1982
DESIGN Michael Frith designer
  Ed Christie builder

Aristotle is a blind monster who appeared on Sesame Street for a few years beginning in 1982. He was friends with Telly, and was sometimes called Ari for short. His name is borrowed from the Greek philosopher.

In one insert, Aristotle appears in Hooper's Store to help David make some baloney sandwiches. David guides his hands to the bread, lettuce and baloney so that Aristotle knows where they are. David turns away to prepare something else, and turns back to find that Aristotle has stacked twenty sandwiches for his own collection.

In another segment with Big Bird, Aristotle demonstrates how to read Braille. He reads from "Little Red Riding Hood" and explains how his fingers can interpret the words from the bumps on the page. Big Bird tries it with his book, and then with Aristotle's, but can't quite get the hang of it. So Aristotle reads Big Bird more of the story, as Big Bird watches with fascination.

Aristotle is one of the few monsters to be built with visible ears. Other monsters with ears include the monster group the Shagri-Las.

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