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"Anyone's Nose"

Anything Goes is a Broadway musical with music and lyrics by Cole Porter, and a collaboration on the book by multiple authors, including P.G. Wodehouse. The story is a love triangle aboard an ocean liner bound from New York City to London, where nightclub singers, mobsters, heiresses, and Royalty intermingle in a game of mistaken identities and cat and mouse.

Songs performed by the Muppets

- Wayne & Wanda, The Muppet Show, episode 110
- Kermit & Ethel Merman, The Muppet Show, episode 122
  • "Friendship" (from the 1962 revival of Anything Goes)
- Ethel Merman & Fozzie Bear, The Muppet Show, episode 122
- Kermit the Frog and Robin, The Muppet Show, episode 519
- Dolly Parton & Miss Piggy on Dolly


  • Telly Monster also sang a parody of the titular song, "Everything Goes", as he packs for a day in the park.


  • John Barrowman played Billy Crocker in both the 1989/90 and the 2001 London revivals.
  • Sutton Foster played Reno Sweeny in the 2011 Broadway revival.
  • Louise Gold played Reno Sweeney in London in 1990, and on the JAY/TER Studio Cast album.
  • Joel Grey played Moonface Martin in the 2011 Broadway revival.
  • Bill McCutcheon played Moonface Martin in the 1987 Broadway revival.
  • Ethel Merman played Reno Sweeney in the original Broadway production
  • Jessica Stone played Erma in the 2011 Broadway revival
  • Leslie Uggams took over the role of Reno Sweeney in the 1987 Broadway revival
  • Jessica Walter played Mrs. Evangeline Harcourt in the 2011 Broadway revival

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