Antediluvian Broadcasting Company building

The Antediluvian Broadcasting Company, or ABC for short, is a major television network in Pangaea.

When the network finds itself in desperate need of input from the average viewer, Earl Sinclair becomes the new vice president in charge of programming in "Network Genius." The network also figured prominently in "Baby Talk," in which Earl lobbies to have ABC censor its "smoo"-related programming, and then calls for government censorship.


For descriptions, see Dinosaur TV.

  • Way Too Complicated
  • Triceracops
  • Father Knows Nothing
  • Dad's a Moron
  • The Smoo Show
  • The Flark Show
  • Kiss My Glick
  • Baby Cuddlebunny, MD
  • Box Full of Puppies
  • The Professors Show

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