Premiere February 24, 2003
Finale April 4, 2003
Network Discovery Kids
Seasons 1
Episodes 30

Animal Jam is a television show produced by the Jim Henson Company in 2003. The show is a wild, music driven, live-action dance show designed to be "interactive," and encourages viewers to get up and dance along with the characters. The show is hosted by Muppet characters Edi and Waffle.

The show premiered on the TLC Network on February 24, 2003, and then moved to the Discovery Kids channel on March 3rd. Thirty episodes were produced, and several have been released on DVD.

The show also aired on Australian Broadcasting Corporation in Australia.


Animal Jam uses real-life kids and puppet characters to teach movement and physical skills. Animal Jam hosts, Edi and Waffle, speak directly to the viewers at home and gets them physical active. The episodes consist of several physical themes including walking, flexibility, personal space, balance, jumping, marching, and physical expression. Each episodes has original songs followed by real animal footage that inspire dances and recurring games songs that viewers must follow along.



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