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Released October 3, 1999
Duration 91 minutes
Director John Stephenson
Written by Alan Janes & Martyn Burke
Music Richard Harvey
Studio Hallmark Entertainment

Animal Farm was a made-for-television movie produced by Hallmark and using Jim Henson's Creature Shop effects. This adaptation of George Orwell's political satire on Communism featured a more hopeful ending, and debuted on TNT.



  • Additional Voices: Amanda Symonds, Paul Mark Elliott, Nicole Tibbels, Tim Whitnall, Brian Gulland, Hannah King, Tim Merton-Laight, Charlotte Merton-Laight


  • Producers: Robert Halmi Sr., Paul Lowin, Morgan O'Sullivan, and Greg Smith
  • Principal Puppeteers: Phil Eason and John Wheatley with Frank Smith and Noel Lambert
  • Creative Project Supervisor/Model Maker: Verner Gresty
  • Sculpt Supervisor: Graham High
  • Fabrication Supervisor: Nicola Tedman
  • Animatronics Model Designers: Chris Clarke, Chris Coxon, Simon Hewitt
  • Mechanical Department Supervisor: Geoff Paige

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