Angsthaas and Stuntkip made their debut on Sesamstraat, the Dutch co-production of Sesame Street, in 2008. They appear in insert sketches on location. In each sketch, the rabbit reporter interviews the brave stunt chicken about her latest stunt – which is usually something that young children might be afraid of – and ends up running away nervously.

Picture Broadcast Description
AngsthaasStuntkipSketch1 11 September 2008 Angsthaas finds Stuntkip at the dinner table where she will perform another great stunt: after finishing a plate of Brussels sprouts (which Angsthaas considers a stunt already, since it's his least favorite food), she will tell her aunt Coba that she doesn't want a second portion. Stuntkip succesfully survives the stunt, but Angsthaas doesn't dare to refuse, and ends up pretending that he is fond of Brussels sprouts.
Actress Inci Pamuk makes a guest appearance as Aunt Coba.
Stuntkip cross street 5 October 2008 Stuntkip crosses the street. When Angsthaas tries to get closer to her, he almost gets hit by a car.
Angsthaas & Stuntkip, barber 9 November 2008 Stuntkip gets a haircut. Angsthaas is afraid of the barber and runs away.
Actor Ignaro Petronilio makes a guest appearance as the barber.
1 January 2009 Angsthaas witnesses how Stuntkip asks a group of unknown children if she can play along with them.
Theo maassen sesamstraat 6 January 2009 Stuntkip's ball flew over the neighbor's hedge. Angsthaas witnesses how Stuntkip asks her ball back from the neighbor; what if he gets mad?
Comedian Theo Maassen makes a guest appearance as the next door neighbor.
Angsthaas & Stuntkip, staying at Aunt Tina's 11 January 2009 Stuntkip is spending the night at her aunt's house. Angsthaas warns her that it might be scary at night. This frightens Stuntkip, but Angsthaas pushes her towards the door and rings the doorbell. Aunt Tina makes sure Stuntkip is comfortable, but when she invites Angsthaas, he suddenly remembers that he has a deadline...
Actress Rifka Lodeizen makes a guest appearance as Aunt Tina.
Angsthaas & Stuntkip, birthday 17 January 2009 It's Stuntkip's birthday and her classmates will sing Happy Birthday to her. Angsthaas wonders if she dares to stand on her chair with all her friends watching.
Actress Ricky Koole makes a guest appearance as the kindergarten teacher.
27 September 2009 Stuntkip is sleeping over at her uncle Duuk's house and checks for monsters under the bed and in the closet. Everything is safe, but when she's asleep, Angsthaas is startled by Uncle Duuk opening the door.
17 October 2009 Angsthaas witnesses how Stuntkip kisses her next door neighbor Marie for her birthday.
Actress Nelly Frijda makes a guest appearance as Neighbor Marie.
5 November 2009 When playing at her friends' house, Stuntkip's tummy starts to rumble. Angsthaas is curious if she dares to ask her friends' parents for a sandwich... what if they find her impolite?
8 November 2009 On vacation in France, Stuntkip has to speak a strange language to buy an ice cream cone. Angsthaas tries it too, but he stumbles when trying to speak French.
Actor Ara Halici makes a guest appearance as the ice cream vendor.
Angsthaas&Stuntkip - Hans van Willigenburg
23 November 2009 Stuntkip makes friends with Flip the dog by petting him.
TV show host Hans van Willigenburg makes a guest appearance as Flip's owner with Masha as his dog.
27 December 2009 Stuntkip rides an elevator. When the doors open, Angsthaas is shocked to find out that Stuntkip has disappeared. Just as he announces tearfully that this might have been her final stunt, he hears a mysterious voice from above... from the top floor.
Angsthaas&Stuntkip - Korneel Evers - escalator

Angsthaas&Stuntkip - Korneel Evers
18 September 2010 Stuntkip wants to buy a helmet at a department store. Helmets are for sale on the second floor, so she has to use the escalator. Angsthaas says escalators are life threatening because one might fall down from them, or even worse, disappear under the floor if one doesn't step off of them in time. Stuntkip decides to use the escalator anyhow. As Angsthaas steps closer to the escalator to point out how fast it goes, a tough man in a leather jacket enters. Angsthaas is in his way, and the man pushes him onto the escalator against his will.
Arjan Smit's comedy partner Korneel Evers makes a guest appearance as the man who pushes Angsthaas.
In the playground, a child asks Stuntkip if she wants to play on the swing. Despite the risk of falling off, Stuntkip dares to sit on the swing, go higher and higher, and even jump off it! Angsthaas doesn't dare to wait for his turn and runs away.

Stuntkip has to go to the toilet. Angsthaas witnesses how she dares to lock herself in the bathroom, all alone, without being afraid of flushing herself. The noises make Angsthaas so tense that he begins to feel a sudden urge to go, but when Stuntkip is finished, the toilet seems too threatening for him. He runs off to his carrot patch instead.

Angsthaas&Stuntkip - Marjan Luif
25 September 2012

Stuntkip is sad. She promised to go grocery shopping for a neighbor, but she lost the shopping list. Angsthaas suggests she'd better tell a lie, or else her neighbor might never let her go shopping again, or never give her candy. Stuntkip decides to be brave and tell the truth, and the neighbor offers some candy to make her feel better. When Angsthaas sees this, he tries to convince the neighbor that he lost a shopping list too. The neighbor doesn't believe his little lie, and Angsthaas runs away.
Actress Marjan Luif makes a guest appearance as the neighbor.

Stuntkipdennisvdgeest 14 November 2012

Stuntkip is mailing a letter to her grandpa, but she can't reach the mailbox. Now she has to ask a stranger for help. With a grin, Angsthaas points out that the stranger walking down the street looks like he might get mad and tear the card to pieces. Stuntkip asks for help anyway, and the man helps her mail the letter.
Judoka Dennis van der Geest makes a guest appearance as the man helping Stuntkip.

Stuntkipmarcelmusters 15 November 2012

In his overexcitement, Angsthaas pushes Stuntkip into a pile of apples. Stuntkip wants to apologize to the fruit vendor, but Angsthaas thinks that the vendor might get angry and throw apples and watermelons.
Actor Marcel Musters makes a guest appearance as the fruit vendor.

Angsthaas&Stuntkip - Sint&Piet 3 December 2012

Angsthaas thinks Sinterklaas is a big scary man and tells Stuntkip she won't get any presents if she isn't sweet to him. Then, Stuntkip accidentally calls him "Sinterhaas" ("haas" meaning "hare"), but Sint doesn't mind at all. He even thinks it's funny and Huispiet hands over Stuntkip's present, an egg-cup.
Actors Stefan de Walle and Maarten Wansink make a guest apearance as Sinterklaas and Huispiet.

24 December 2012

Angsthaas is about to introduce Stuntkip's latest stunt - leaping into a tub full of water - but he gets a sudden case of stage fright. Stuntkip offers to switch places and do the introduction. Angsthaas is reliefed, until he realises - too late - that he is now the one who has to do the stunt!