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Andy Walmsley has had a long association with the Jim Henson Company as an art director and production designer.

Growing up in England in the 1970s, Walmsley was a Muppet fan with a interest in the technical aspects of how the productions were made. His early aspirations in puppet building and puppeteering finally gave way to a career as a Television and Theater Set Designer. Some of his set designing credits include: Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story, Blood Brothers, Who Wants to be a Millionaire? and American Idol.

Walmsley’s first job, literally three days out of college, was as Art Director on The Ghost of Faffner Hall. Along with his art directing duties, Walmsley also performed a few background puppets on occasion.

Walmsley was involved in the pitch for The Hoobs television program.

In 2003 Walmsley moved to Los Angeles and, continuing the Henson connection, rented an office at the Jim Henson studios.

In 2006 Walmsley became the production designer for Late Night Buffet.

Recent additions to his long list of production design credits are the sets for the 2008 American Idol series, a new Barry Manilow musical called I Can't Smile Without You, and an attraction at Walt Disney World based on his American Idol designs.

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