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American Greetings display, 2006


American Greetings' 2007 Muppet Calendar

American Greetings "is the world's largest publicly owned creator, manufacturer and distributor of social expression products", including greeting cards, calendars, and Christmas ornaments. The company's products are marketed as Carlton Cards in Canada.

American Greetings also releases sticker sets under the name "Stickety-Doo-Da." They have released Muppet stickers and Sesame Street stickers, among others.

American Greetings is based in Cleveland, Ohio. They are also the company behind the popular children's animated programs and characters Holly Hobbie and the Care Bears.

Christmas Ornaments

Greeting Cards & Party Supplies

Office/School Supplies

  • A selection of Muppet Calendars
  • Muppet magnets
  • Muppet keychains
  • Muppet buttons
  • An Animal notebook
  • Kermit & Animal paper clips
  • Kermit's "little green book" notebook
  • A Kermit magnet pad
  • A Kermit stickee pad
  • A Kermit luggage tag
  • A Piggy erase board
  • A Piggy journal
  • A Muppet purse

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