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American Dad is an animated series on FOX co-created by Seth McFarlane (Family Guy) which revolves around an overprotective CIA agent named Stanley Smith and his family: his wife Francine, daughter Hayley, son Steve, pet goldfish Klaus and an alien named Roger. The Smiths live in Langley Falls, Virginia.

Visual Mentions

Picture Episode Description
"Francine's Flashback" Stan is in bed watching Sesame Street. In the scene, Big Bird is in front of a brown brickwall holding a cookie that Cookie Monster wants. Elmo is also standing behind the brickwall with Cookie.:Stan: (angrily) Shoot him. Shoot him!!
Elmo (on TV): Ha ha ha! Big Bird, just share it with Cookie Monster!
Stan: Don't trust him! He just pretends to eat cookies, but he never swallows anything!
"Stannie Get Your Gun"

In the opening sequence, the newspaper headline reads BIG BIRD DEAD OF BIG AVIAN FLU.

"Finances With Wolves" Steve is under the impression that he is a werewolf, and thus commissions his friends to shoot him in the woods. When Steve reveals to his friend that he will never know how the sweet silky tingle of real boob, Barry (the fat guy) lets Steve touch his man boobs. As Steve touches Barry's man boobs, he calls Barry by the name of Jennifer, while Barry calls Steve as Miss Piggy. Later on in the episode, Steve and his friends are about to go home after "the curse has broken". Barry starts to follow them, but stops when he sees a vision of Miss Piggy and says, "No, milady. 'Tis not my time yet."
"Lincoln Lover" In a musical number, "We're Red and We're Gay," Ernie and Bert are momentarily seen in a chorus line with Greg and Claude Monet.
"The Most Adequate Christmas Ever" When Stan is up in Heaven, St. Peter mentions his grim memories on what happened to Jim Henson. Stan asks, and St. Peter says "You don't want to know." Then we pan up to outer space, and see Jim and Kermit the Frog both trapped in a spinning piece of glass floating through space, in a reference to Superman.
"License to Till" When Steve tries to get out of helping Snot's uncle on his farm, Snot tells Steve that he promise his uncle and that it is also a Mitzvah. When Steve ask what a Mitzvah is, a Fozzie Bear puppet answers the question with a joke, "A mitzvah catching a baseball." It was revealed that the puppet was control by Snot.
"The Kidney Stays in the Picture" A Fozzie Bear puppet interrupts Stan and Francine's conversation with a joke and it was revealed that the puppet was controled by Snot again.
"Toy Whorey" When Steve and his imaginary toys shall have a battle, the toys that resemble Ernie and Bert can be seen in the background cheering for the toys' victory. The toys that resemble the Muppet Babies versions of Baby Kermit, Baby Piggy, Baby Fozzie, Baby Gonzo and Baby Animal are also seen as some of the toys that beat up Stan with red paint buckets. Afterwards Kermit, Gonzo and Animal are seen being congratulated by Steve for the victory of the toy battle.

Verbal Mentions

  • "Haylias" - In this episode, Stan brainwashes Hayley into getting married. When Stan and Hayley dance at the wedding, Stan remarks, "Doesn't this remind you of that dance sketch on The Muppet Show where they all told jokes?"
  • "Pulling Double Booty"- When Hayley is teaching Stan (pretending to be Bill, Stan's double) about sex, he mutters sadly to himself: "You used to watch Sesame Street".
  • "Don't Look a Smith Horse in the Mouth" - Stan prays to God for assistance, assuring that he had nothing to do with the casting of Whoopi Goldberg as God in "that Muppet TV movie."
  • "Stanny Boy and Frantastic"- When Stan and Francine's new friends, Tom and Cami, a young couple, were about to tell Stan and Francine some news that Cami is pregnant, Francine gets excited and says she is like the Cookie Monster with news. Then she imitates Cookie Monster's voice with his loud munching noise, "OMM-nom-nom-nom..."
  • "A Piñata Named Desire"- When Steve finds out his friends are bailing out of his slumber party and confronts them about it, Barry randomly shouts out, "There's a person inside Big Bird."


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