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Amazonia the Parrot is a character from the early drafts of Muppet Treasure Island. Intended as Long John Silver's sidekick, and a variation of the traditional "Polly the Parrot," Amazonia was a sultry, Marlene Dietrich-esque character.

As recalled by Jerry Juhl in MuppetZine #16, "she and Long John developed a strange, ephemeral, romantic relationship. It got very weird. Eventually it got too weird. Amazonia was sent to the Home for Unused Characters." [1]

Amazonia was then turned into Stevenson the Parrot, who evolved into Polly Lobster. Stevenson ended up as a character in the Muppet Treasure Island CD-ROM game.


  1. "Screen Play: An interview with Muppet Treasure Island screenwriter Jerry Juhl!", MuppetZine issue 16. Spring 1996.

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