Als die Sesamstaße nach Deutschland kam ("When Sesame Street Came to Germany") is a 45-minute documentary about Sesame Street and its German co-production Sesamstrasse by Grit Fischer and Maik Gizinski. It first aired as part of the Unsere Geschichte (Our History) series on January 1, 2013 on NDR.

The TV-special technically debuted in a special preview stream online on December 28, 2012. It is still currently available online at NDR.de - Unsere Geschichte: Als die Sesamstraße ins deutsche TV kam.

Included are interviews with key players of both countries' productions and German guest stars, chronicling the shows' history, and a behind-the-scenes look into the filming of Sesamstrasse's special 40th Anniversary Episode.


  • A film by: Grit Fischer and Maik Gizinski
  • Editor: Philine Bohmann
  • Camera: Andreas Färber, Stefan Söffgen, André Bacher
  • Narration: Stephan Schad
  • Sound Editing: Gero von Gerlach
  • Graphics: Kay Penndorf, Pascale Guillon
  • Image Engineering: Arne Kühl
  • Executive Producer: Michael Schinschke
  • Line Producer: Olav Jacobs

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