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Alphaquest was a series of Sesame Street segments combining live action and animation, in which a girl goes through a hallway and into various rooms, each one representing a different letter of the alphabet. The segments premiered in Season 21.

In episode 3869, Telly Monster and Baby Bear decide to go on their own "Alphaquest".


Dry dust desert, drums, dance, and dinosaur.
A faucet extinguishes a fire, but creates a flood filled with many forms of freaky fish and one frog.
Heading over the hills in a helicopter to a hippo's house.
Making meals with mittens--mixing up monster mush.
Note: A horned, orange Anything Muppet monster appears in this skit.
A pack of painted purple penguins practicing a pop song in a pine tree park, and a pink pig with a parachute.
Running down a road past a rabbit, a radio and some rocks.
This segment was included in the video Sesame Street: 40 Years of Sunny Days.
Seagull, silly surfer, and submarine.
Note: Grover makes a cameo in this skit as the silly surfer.
Weird weather, wilted watches, and wind blowing through an open window.

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