Music by David Conner
Lyrics by Norman Stiles
Publisher Sesame Street, Inc.
EKA Episode 1447

Alphabet Time (The Surgeon's Song) is a Sesame Street song from around 1980.

In a parody of Miller Beer's "Miller Time" jingle from the 1970s, two monster surgeons (Brian Muehl and Karen Prell) operate on a third monster (Michael Earl) with such objects as scissors, glue, and silly putty. At the sound of a factory whistle, the surgeons drop their masks for a "refreshing" break: a run through of the alphabet. Even their patient joins in the song. Once their break is through, one of the surgeons remarks to the camera, "When it's your time to relax, make it Alphabet Time!"


  • Though Brian Muehl puppeteers the head surgeon, Michael Earl Davis provides the singing voice.