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Alice is the title character of Lewis Carroll's novel Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and its sequel Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There.

Picture Production / Performer Description
The Muppet Show

Brooke Shields
In episode 506, Brooke Shields stars as Alice in the Muppets' production of Alice in Wonderland, while Miss Piggy (scheduled to play the Queen of Hearts) is hoping to take over the title role.
Sesame Street

Fran Brill
A Lavender Anything Muppet portrayed Alice in an interview with Kermit the Frog as part of a Sesame Street News Flash segment. Although she is almost too tiny to be seen at first, Alice grows taller upon drinking from a water bottle labeled "Drink Me," eventually becoming as tall as Kermit and then outgrowing him until she is so huge that all that is seen of her is her red and white striped stocking.
Abby in Wonderland

Abby Cadabby
(Leslie Carrara)
Abby takes the place of the Alice character in the 2008 direct-to-DVD production.
Muppet Babies

Baby Piggy
A photo puppet of Baby Piggy appears as Alice at the Mad Tea-Party in the 1990 Muppet Babies Storybook Calendar and the companion book Muppet Babies' Classic Children's Tales.

Coral Browne and Amelia Shankley
Coral Browne and Amelia Shankley potrayed Alice Liddell-Hargreaves, the inspiration for Carroll's fictional Alice character, in the feature film.
Alice in Wonderland

Tina Majorino
Tina Majorino played Alice in the Creature Shop TV movie.

The White Rabbit

Alice follows The White Rabbit down the rabbit hole into Wonderland. Alice encounters him again when he mistakes her for his housemaid Mary Ann and she becomes trapped in his house after growing too large. The Rabbit shows up again in the last few chapters, as a herald-like servant of the King and Queen of Hearts.

Picture Production / Performer Description
The Muppet Show

Steve Whitmire
The White Rabbit appeared in episode 506 as one of the only original puppets in the Muppets' adaptation. Somewhat more aggressive than most versions of the character, the White Rabbit at one point bodily threatens Kermit. He is featured prominently throughout the episode, participating in the "When You're Smiling" medley and later playing the usher in the courtroom scene.

The puppet later appeared in the wedding finale in The Muppets Take Manhattan and also played the Easter Bunny in an episode of Donna's Day. The puppet was later recycled, with ears bent downward and sporting a new outfit and glasses, in the "Music of the Street" number in Sesame Street Episode 4081.

Abby in Wonderland

(Kevin Clash)
Elmo appears as the "Red" Rabbit in the 2008 direct-to-DVD production.
Alice in Wonderland

Richard Coombs

Kiran Shah
As in the original Carroll novel, the White Rabbit is perpetually concerned about running late, mistakes Alice for his maid, and functions as clerk of the court for the Knave's trial. In this adaptation, the White Rabbit is a full-bodied character with rather twitchy body movements, suggestive of a clockwork figure. According to a pop-up book which leads to the rabbit's house, his full name is Frederick Rabbit.

The Cheshire Cat

Picture Production / Performer Description
The Muppet Show

Dr. Teeth
(Jim Henson)
Dr. Teeth sings "When You're Smiling" for Fozzie, backstage.
Abby in Wonderland

Cookie Monster
(David Rudman)
Cookie Monster appears as the Cheshire Cookie Cat in the 2008 direct-to-DVD production.
Alice in Wonderland

Whoopi Goldberg
The actress's face is digitally placed on a CGI cat body.

The Mad Hatter

Picture Production / Performer Description
The Muppet Show

(Dave Goelz)
Gonzo appears as the Mad Hatter thoughout the production.
Abby in Wonderland

(Eric Jacobson)
Grover appears as the Mad Hatter in the 2008 direct-to-DVD production. Unlike some of the other characters, his name is not adapted to more closely suit his persona.
Muppet Babies

Baby Gonzo
A photo puppet of Baby Gonzo appears as the Mad Hatter at the Mad Tea-Party in the 1990 Muppet Babies Storybook Calendar and the companion book Muppet Babies' Classic Children's Tales.
Gonzo Hatter comic
The Muppet Show Comic Book

Gonzo performs in the "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Rat" musical number with Rizzo and some rats.

Big Mick

Tony Haygarth
Manifesting in Alice Hargreaves' hotel room along with the Dormouse and March Hare, the Mad Hatter is more menacing and grotesque than his print counterpart in Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Trembling in a manner reminiscent of mercury poisoning (also known as "hatter's shakes"), he beats his companions and browbeats the elderly Alice, shouting "You should be dead!" He soon returns to musing about his slow watch, repaired with the best butter.
Alice in Wonderland

Martin Short

The March Hare

In Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, the March Hare hosts Alice, the Mad Hatter, and the Dormouse at a Mad Tea-Party. He also later appears during the Mad Hatter's testimony at Alice's trial. In Through the Looking-Glass, he makes a cameo appearance as "Haigha," one of the White King's messengers at the fight between the Lion and the Unicorn.

Picture Production / Performer Description

The Muppet Show

Richard Hunt
A Muppet version of the March Hare appears in episode 506. The puppet was designed to resemble the original illustrations by John Tenniel. The March Hare appears several times throughout the episode, in the background or chorus, and is featured more prominently in the Mad Tea-Party scene at the end of the show.
Muppet Babies

Baby Fozzie
A photo puppet of Baby Fozzie appears as the March Hare at the Mad Tea-Party in the 1990 Muppet Babies Storybook Calendar and the companion book Muppet Babies' Classic Children's Tales.

Michael Sundin

Ken Campbell
A more feral version of the March Hare character appears in Alice Hargreaves' nightmares. With enraged eyes and blood-stained teeth, the Hare sits with the Mad Hatter and the Dormouse. The group reenact their literary scenes while simultaneously tormenting the elderly Alice. Despite his grotesque appearance, the March Hare is himself cowed by the Hatter, who turns upon him violently.
Alice in Wonderland

Rob Tygner

Francis Wright

Adrian Getley
The March Hare appeared in the Creature Shop TV movie, accompanying the Mad Hatter on banjo during musical numbers. The pair form a duo reminiscent of British music hall comedy teams.

The Dormouse

Picture Production / Performer Description
The Muppet Show

(Jerry Nelson)
Camilla plays the dormouse in the tea party scene.
Abby in Wonderland

(Fran Brill)
A miniature version of the Zoe puppet was created specifically for this direct-to-DVD film.
Muppet Babies

Baby Rat
A rat hides inside a teapot in the tea party scene.
The Muppet Show Comic Book

A rat
An unnamed rat appears in the teapot in the "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Rat" musical number in the "Gonzo's Story" issue.

Karen Prell

Julie Walters
Alice in Wonderland

Nigel Plaskitt

David Alan Barclay

Tweedledum and Tweedledee

Picture Production / Performer Description
The Muppet Show

Statler and Waldorf
Statler and Waldorf stop by the tea party as Tweedledum and Tweedledee, and are offered some wine by the guests. They stick around to sing "We're Off to See the Wizard" with the cast.
Abby in Wonderland

Bert & Ernie
Bert comments on their brief scene as the twin characters. Ernie explains they were lucky to make it into the production at all, as it's a common misconception that Tweedledum and Tweedledee appear in the original story Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (the characters first appeared in the sequel, Through the Looking-Glass).
Alice in Wonderland

George Wendt &
Robbie Coltrane
Tweedledee: I was an advisor to the British army.

Tweedledum: I advised them not to take him, but they wouldn't listen.

The Caterpillar

Picture Production / Performer Description
The Muppet Show

Floyd Pepper
Floyd smokes a hookah as the Caterpillar, sitting atop his muchroom.
Abby in Wonderland

Count von Count
The Count plays the character as "The Counterpillar" (because he loves to count things).
Steve Whitmire

Frank Middlemass
Jim Henson's Creature Shop builds an animatronic puppet for Dreamchild.
Alice in Wonderland

Ben Kingsley

The Queen of Hearts

The King of Hearts

Card Soldiers

The Mock Turtle

The Gryphon


The Duchess



The Muppet Show

Abby in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland

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