Aje Boschhuizen

Ajé Boschhuizen (1962) started as editor in 1999 his career in Sesamstraat, the Dutch co-production of Sesame Street.

When Ajé started to work on the show, he still attended his college. before they could proper hire him, he off course had to finish it. And he did that with an essay, that would resuld into his background book Poehéé!. This was a good start and plans are to write a second version. "Hopefully with a DVD included with old fragments and episodes". After years working for Sesamstraat, the producers found it a good idea to clearup the office space they worked in. And behind Ajé's desk on the bottom of the closet they found a box. It contained all old material and even the lost Pilot episode.

As editor, Ajé, is both financially and ultimately responsible for the program. He determines how the show is fromed and shaped.

The editor has many tasks. He is representative of the program within the broadcaster NTR , but also outside it's broadcasting. This means that the editor is the point of contact for example the media, actors etc. He also maintains contact with Sesame Workshop in America, invents new concepts for the program. He chooses, with the seven other editors, what to include from the texts from the writers. In addition, the editor needs to ensure that there is not too much money is spent, so the program can continue to be paid. Finally, he must do his best to ensure that Sesame Street will remain in the broadcast schedule of the public broadcaster and is broadcast at an appropriate time.

With Ajé Sesmatraat got the many changes and experiments we now have today. The broadcast time that went from 15 minutes to 25, and back to two blocks from 10 minutes and 15 minutes a day. As mayor spokesman he has been a lot on the news. In 2011 he really made himself angry about the fact that Sesamstraat's Sinterklaas episode had to move over for a gouvernment hearing. Being aired on public television it seems logical, but the time and money that was involved, made it very frustrating.

Ajé also created, edited and wrote plots and scripts for het Sinterklaas Journaal the live broadcasts of Saint Nicholas' arrival.