Air Date April 3, 2011
Written by Mariella Harpelunde Jensen
Director Mariella Harpelunde Jensen

Picture Segment Description
Scene Today Elmo is pretending to be a train conductor, he checks to see if all the passengers have arrived on the train for Jutland. He takes his seat at the front and are about to start the train, when he remembers that he has to check for tickets. It turns out that Bræt don't have a ticket and neither does the rest of his passengers. Elmo assures his passengers that he will make sure they will get the tickets, so that they all can stay on the train for Jutland. He decides to go and ask Dorothy if she has some tickets he can borrow.
Muppets Elmo's World: Transportation.
The following segments were cut; The Noodle Family, Film, TV Cartoon, Interview and Tickle Me Land
Scene Dorothy was out traveling. Luckily Simon comes by and Elmo tells him about the ticket problem. Simon tells Elmo that he can show Elmo how to make tickets, Elmo is excited. Simon draws and cut out the tickets for Elmo. After Simon leaves Elmo continue to make a few more tickets.
Muppets Play with Me Sesame
Scene Train conductor Elmo once again checks his passengers tickets and this time everyone has the tickets they need. Train conductor Elmo starts the train and begins the journey to Jutland. After a while the train arrives in Jutland, but the passengers want to go on the train again. But they will have to have new tickets for that. Elmo tells them not to worry he will just make more tickets the way Simon showed him.

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