Air Date November 21, 2010
Written by Mariella Harpelunde Jensen and Jens Korse
Director Mariella Harpelunde Jensen

Picture Segment Description
Scene Elmo has borrowed Signe's roller skates form the time she was a little girl. Elmo tries to skate on them, but it proves quite difficult to keep the balance and to get them to roll forward. Elmo then notice Bræt on the desk and thinks it would be fun to have a skating race with Bræt. But there's only one set of skates, so he decides to go and ask Dorothy if she has a pair of skates that Bræt can borrow.
Muppets Elmo's World: Shoes.
The following segments were cut;The Noodle Family, Film, Interview, Tickle Me Land and home video.
Scene Dorothy suggested that he and Bræt shared the skates, so now Elmo has one skate and Bræt has one. Elmo is ready for the rollerskating race on one skate. To begin with he rolls forward as planned but ends up on the floor after loosing his balance. He tries a few times more with the same result, before he decides to try with the skate on the other foot, but that did not help either. It's just too hard to skate on one skate, Bræt also finds it difficult. Elmo decides to go and ask Bert and Ernie for advice on how to skate on one skate.
Muppets Play with Me Sesame
Scene Bert and Ernie borrowed Elmo a skateboard so that he and Bræt did not have to share skates. Elmo puts Bræt on the skateboard and takes the other skate. Elmo and Bræt are then ready for the skating race and Elmo takes off, but Bræt stays behind. Elmo decides to help Bræt so he ties a string around Bræt so Elmo can pull him as he skates, resulting in Bræt ending up on the floor. Elmo picks up Bræt and sings "Venskabs-sangen", as he skates around the room holding Bræt. After the song he resumes the race with Bræt.

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