Air Date September 26, 2010
Written by Mariella Harpelunde Jensen and Jens Korse
Director Mariella Harpelunde Jensen

Picture Segment Description
Today Elmo pretends to be a race car driver. He demonstrate how fast his various toy cars are. When he gets to the fastest car something strange are happening as he are about to supply the sound effect something else in his room says "JJJJ" and that was not the sound the car was supposed to make. Elmo are convinced that the sound came from his toy car and he hurries away to tell Dorothy about his car.
Elmo's World: Transportation.
The following segments were cut; Dorothy's Question, The Noodle Family, Kids and Baby, Elmo's Question, Quiz, Film and Home Video
Signe has arrived and Elmo has told her about his talking car, bu Signe are not sure what he means. Elmo asks the car to say something so Signe can hear it. At first nothing happends, but then a "J" popup and says "JJJJ". Signe tells Elmo that it was not his car but the letter J that said the sound. Signe then tells Elmo about the letter J. Elmo thinks that the "JJJJ" sounds a bit like a motorcycle and are happy to get to know a racing letter. Elmo and the letter J then race to see who gets over to Bert and Ernie first.
Play with Me Sesame
The three of them race around in Elmos room. Elmo drives the car, the letter J says the sound and Signe sits on the back seat. The letter J then wants to drive a letter J trip. They drive around in the room to pickup items that start with J. They find a jacket, a globe (earth=jordklode) and christmastree (juletræ). Signe thinks they found enough items and they begin to sing "Action alfabet-sangen". After the song Elmo and J starts another race.

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