Air Date September 5, 2010
Written by Mariella Harpelunde Jensen and Jens Korse
Director Mariella Harpelunde Jensen

Picture Segment Description
Scene Elmo is setting up his pretend Ice cream shop. There are three flavors to choose from; chocolate banana marshmallow flavor, caramel raspberries pizza flavor and finally citrus meatball Chocolate-coated marshmallow treats flavor. Elmo has everything he needs for the shop, but no customers. He starts to yell that he got ice cream for sale. He doesn't notice the letter "I" that pops up behind him saying "IIII". At first he can't understand where the sound is coming from but then realizes that it might be someone that wants to buy his ice cream and he goes to look for who made the sound. Meanwhile the "I" checks out the various flavors, but quickly hides when Elmo returns and knocks the box with first flavor on the floor. Elmo thinks that the one that made the sound has gone, he decides to go and ask Dorothy if see has seen anyone who wants to buy some ice cream.
Muppets Elmo's World: Food.
The following segments were cut;Dorothy's Question, The Noodle Family, Kids and Baby, Elmo's Question, Quiz, Film and Home Video.
Scene Signe arrives and Elmo tells her about the sound he heard and about the flavors in his ice cream shop. He then notice that one of the flavors are missing. Then Signe notices the "I" behind them. Signe thinks that maybe the "I" came by today because Ice cream starts with the letter "I". Elmo offers the ice to the letter "I" after they found the missing box on the floor. Elmo then decides to go over to ask Bert and Ernie if they wants some of Elmo's ice cream.
Muppets Play with Me Sesame
Scene While Elmo was away the letter "I" has eaten all of Elmo's ice cream and now "I" wants to play the letter game. They look around for something that starts with "I". The letter "I" directs their attention to a bag behind them. Elmo is not sure if a bag (pose) is correct, but Signe tells him it's a shopping bag (indkøbs pose) and that starts with the letter "I". The letter "I" then wants to sing the Action alfabet-sangen. But Signe wants to get a surprise for them first. She returns with real ice cream for all of them and they sing the song.

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