Adriano Luz is a Portuguese actor, who dubbed Kermit the Frog (or "Cocas") in multiple Muppet productions, including The Muppets. He dubbed Kermit for the first season of Rua Sésamo, the Portuguese co-production.

Rua was Luz's second role, after a recurring bodyguard role on Duarte & C.a (1987-1989).

Other recurring roles include the series A Raia dos Medos (2000), Sociedade anónima (2002), Fúria de Viver (2002, 150 episodes), A Ferreirinha (2004), Tempo de Viver (2006-2007), Nome de Código: Sintra (2007), Ilha dos Amores (2007), mini-series Equador (2009, with Alexandra Lencastre), Sentimentos (2009-2010), Espírito Indomável (2010-2011, 335 episodes), Remédio Santo (2011-2012, 408 episodes), and Destinos Cruzados (2013, 85 episodes, also with Lencastre).

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