Release Date 1998
Format VHS

Achtung, hier kommt Ernie!: Seine schönsten Geschichten ("Attention, Here Comes Ernie!: His Best Stories") is a Sesamstrasse video released in 1998, compiling several songs and sketches from Sesame Street about Ernie.


  • Ernie's ice cube collection
  • Ernie gets Bert to share his cookie
  • Ernie and Bert at the Movies: Lady with a tall hat
  • Who is who: Cookie Monster and Ernie
  • Ernie and passengers love their boat
  • Ernie turns on a fan while Bert tries to write
  • Bert and Ernie make the bed
  • Lefty tries selling Ernie an invisible ice cream cone
  • Cookie Monster appears as the Cookie Bunny
  • Ernie brings home a surprise
  • Ernie prepares to write a story
  • The Count hires Ernie to answer his phone
  • Bert is away, so Ernie calls him using the phone
  • Cookie Monster finds a cookie jar and gets happy and sad
  • Ernie makes up a lullaby for Bert
  • Caveman Days: Crossing the Street