In the late 1970s, Spain got its own version of the vintage hand puppets made by Child Guidance in the USA, to tie in with the Spanish dub Ábrete Sésamo.

Vicma produced hand puppets of Epi (Ernie), Blas (Bert), Trudy (Betty Lou), Sherlock Hemlock, Profesor Siesta (Professor Hastings) and Felipe el Sonrisas (Guy Smiley). The Epi and Blas puppets were also sold as dolls with legs.

Also included were Koko el Pupas (Grover), Oscar and Triqui el Monstruo (Cookie Monster) and Toccata and Mordicus.

Finger puppets were produced of Bert and Ernie, which were deisgned after the hand puppets, and they produced soft plastic finger puppets like Child Guidance had produced in 1973 and 1974.

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