Abigail's Quiz Show is a recurring segment on Rechov Sumsum.

Abigail hosts this game show where the contestant have to give her the correct answer to her questions. Usually Abigail ends up being the winner on her own game show because she knows the correct answer to her questions.

Her contestants on the show are Mahboub, Noah, and Brosh. Sometimes human cast members also participate on the game show too.

Picture Episode Description
The question is "What do you do when you can't decide who is right?"

Noah, Mahboub, and Brosh answer that you go ask an adult to know how to solve something, but Abigail replies that the correct answer is Gershon. While they all cannot agree on their answers, Brosh decides they should ask someone to decide who is right and Abigail calls Gershon for help. After hearing both answers, Gershon replies that they are correct since his name is Gershon and he is an adult. Hearing that they all got the answer right, Abigail declared herself the winner since her answer was correct.

The questions are about Abigail and what does she do when she is in a certain mood.

Abigail thinks she can stump her contestants with difficult questions such as "What does Abigail do when she is feeling tired?" To her surprise, her contestants, Mahboub, Noah, and Ibtisam, all got the correct answer since they also do the same things when they are in that certain mood. Abigail becomes sad, but then a question came to her mind and she ask the constants, "What helps Abigail when she's sad?" The contestants couldn't answer that question and Abigail replies that the correct answer is "she likes to be hugged." So the constants all hugged her and she is declared the winner.