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Abe Levitow (1922-1975) was an animator who worked on the classic Looney Tunes as a key member of Chuck Jones' unit from 1953 until 1961. He continued to work with Jones at MGM, often as co-director on such projects as The Phantom Tollbooth. In 1973, Levitow formed his own studio, Levitow/Hanson Films, partnering with producer Dave Hanson. The studio produced commercials and shorts for Sesame Street, including the Willie Wimple environmental series.

Some of the notable shorts Levitow worked on while at Warner Bros. included One Froggy Evening, Robin Hood Daffy, and What's Opera Doc? He also spent a stint at UPA, as animation director on 1001 Arabian Nights and directing Mr. Magoo and Dick Tracy television shorts. He served as a "guest artist" on Richard Williams' Academy Award-winning animated version of A Christmas Carol. At Levitow/Hanson, he directed the special B.C.: The First Thanksgiving.


Picture Title/Topic Earliest Known Appearance Description
Above/Below Episode 0598 Mr. Tweak tries to sleep, but is bothered by his upstairs and downstairs neighbors.
Tree Destruction Episode 0598 Willie Wimple chops down trees.
Land Polution Episode 0915 Willie Wimple litters profusely.
Water Pollution Episode 1139 Willie Wimple pollutes the river.

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