Sesame Street sketches that feature the three main female Muppet characters -- Abby Cadabby, Rosita and Zoe.

Picture Title / EKA Description
Song.friends Because We're Friends
Episode 4147
Abby, Rosita and Zoe are playing and reminiscing about when Abby first arrived on Sesame Street. At first she was too shy even to say hi, but all Rosita and Zoe had to do was ask if she wanted to play, and now they're friends.
Guesstheseasons Guess the Seasons Song
Episode 4191
The girls sing a guessing game song about their favorite seasons.
BetweenUsGirls Just Between Us Girls
Episode 4198
The girls demonstrate "between."
FindThatHabitat Find That Habitat: Camel
Episode 4203
The girls play "Find That Habitat" in attempts to locate a camel's natural habitat.
PenguinHabitat Find That Habitat: Penguin
Episode 4210
The girls play "Find That Habitat" in attempts to locate a penguin's habitat.

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