Aan tafel
Written by Annemarie Visser
Illustrator Wilbert van der Steen
Published 2015
Publisher Dutchbook
ISBN 9086515258

Aan tafel! (At the Table!) is a 2015 Sesamstraat storybook with two stories about food.

In the first story, Ieniemienie, Pino and Tommie only want to eat food that has the letter P in the name, like pancakes and chips. Annoyed, Meener Aart insists on serving something that doesn't have P in the name, but the three friends figure out how to get what they want.

In the second story, Tommie only wants to eat food that's red, because red is his favorite color. He's happy when Lot serves him tomato soup for lunch, but then there's yellow custard for dessert. What can Tommie do?