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Dudley Moore asks Scooter to give him an A.


Grover with the skeleton of a letter A, as seen on Sesame Street.

A is the 1st letter of the English alphabet.

The letter A has appeared as a concept, a prop, a symbol, and a Muppet character at various times on Sesame Street. Examples include a Muppet version of the letter in Guy Smiley's Letter of the Day Pageant, Nicole Sullivan as a costumed version of the letter in the direct-to-video release All-Star Alphabet, and an animated version of the letter voiced by Fran Brill in the What's the Name of That Song? DVD.

A prop version of the letter A made an appearance in episode 407 of The Muppet Show, dropping from the ceiling into Dudley Moore's arms as Scooter played the sixth note of the C Major scale.

Episode 0006 was the first episode to be sponsored by A.

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