Five minute stories
Published 2017
Publisher Random House
ISBN 1524719897

5-Minute Stories is a 2017 collection of nineteen short stories that can be read to kids in five minutes. The book is a part of a series which includes other children's series such as Peanuts, Winnie the Pooh, and Paw Patrol.


  • "When Oscar Was a Little Grouch"
  • "Tina Twiddlebugs' Big Adventure"
  • "Ernie and his Merry Monsters"
  • "Herry's Wet Shoes"
  • "One Wet Monster"
  • "Is It Time for Bed Yet?"
  • "Cookie Soup"
  • "Bert's Birthday"
  • "Big Bird and the lost Bear"
  • "The Big Bad Grouch"
  • "Never ask a Honker to Spend the Night"
  • "Big Bird's New Nest"
  • "Grover, Go to Sleep!"
  • "Good night, Bert!"
  • "Oscar's Grouchy Vacation"
  • "Cookie Crumbs"
  • "What's in Oscar's Trash Can"
  • "Bert and the Magic Lamp"
  • "The Shadow-Picture Show"

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