Songs from Sesame Street
Format LP
Label Bun Length, Etc.
Cat no. BL-3

20 Bands Trash 20 Songs to Find the Way to Sesame Street is a compilation album by various punk bands, all performing songs from Sesame Street. This album was later reissued on CD as 31 Bands Trash 31 Songs to Find the Way to Sesame Street, with 11 additional songs.

Track listing

Side One

  1. Sesame Street Theme - The Lizards
  2. I Love Trash - Krupted Peasant Farmers
  3. The Grouch Song - G.N.P.
  4. Knock Three Times - JAKS
  5. Eight Beautiful Notes - Sick-N-Tired
  6. Batty Bat - Fuad Ramsey
  7. Ladybug Picnic - Pounded Clown
  8. 12 - Blind Spot
  9. Play Along - Haggis
  10. Zizzy Zoomers - The Dave Ferrin 5

Side Two

  1. My Body Full of Rhythm - Baba Booey
  2. The National Association of W Lovers - Nuclear Armed Hogs
  3. C Is for Cookie - The Independents
  4. Put a Cookie in My Mouth - Guano
  5. Up and Down - Nobodys
  6. Monster in the Mirror - Fetish
  7. My Name Is U - The Banned
  8. Put Down the Duckie - The Unspoiled
  9. ABC-DEF-GHI - Rights Reserved
  10. Somebody Come and Play - Schlong

CD bonus tracks

Songs from Sesame Street
Format CD
Label Bun Length, Etc.
Cat no. BL-8
  1. Rubber Duckie - Love Pigs
  2. Honker Duckie Dinger Jamboree - System Schit
  3. Everybody Wash - Melt Banana
  4. Mad - Two Bit Halo
  5. J-Jump - Megachop
  6. I Want to Hold Your Ear - Pieces Of Chick
  7. Takin A Ride/5/Sing - Assfort
  8. People in Your Neighborhood - Idiot Flesh
  9. Rub Your Tummy - Fruity
  10. One Banana, Two Banana - Xena
  11. I Refuse to Sing Along - Ookla The Mock

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