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Release Date 2005
Produced by Ventura Entertainment
Catalogue no. 28172-7
Format DVD
Discs 1
Region 1

¡Vamos a Cantar! (Let's Sing!) is a Plaza Sésamo video from 2005, mainly featuring song segments.


  • Abelardo and friends plan to sing a song indoors while it rains. They scat until the rain stops, so they sing outdoors as well.
  • Lola and her friends sing about the different ways of greeting someone.
  • Song: "Jump"
  • Kingston Livingston III sings "Just Happy to Be Me."
  • Cartoon: A music note conductor introduces the next segment.
  • Song: "Si Estas Feliz"
  • Grover, Herry, Cookie Monster and Frazzle perform "Fuzzy and Blue (and Orange)."
  • Carmen sings to some sad children about how special they are.
  • Abelardo sings "Me Gusta Ser Yo"
  • Film: A song about children.
  • Lola sings about being happy.
  • Cartoon: a boy reads a book and imagines his surroundings transform into a jungle.
  • Pancho conducts Don Boni and Lola, who have wind instruments. Elefancio his his trunk to blow wind and send them away.
  • Elmo sings "The Sound That's in the Air."
  • Song: "Imagine"
  • Ernie sings "Imagine That."
  • Song: "When You Grow Up"
  • Cartoon: A music note conductor introduces the next segment.
  • Pancho, dressed a Marchiachi player, plays the triangle for his plaza friends, but learns his trio can't consist of just one person. He grabs Lola, but that makes it a duo. He gets Abelardo and now has a trio.
  • Abelardo and friends sing a story while counting to 7.
  • Cartoon: Dancers show forward and backward.
  • Kermit sings "Caribbean Amphibian."
  • Lola and her Multimonstruo friend play the drums.
  • Film: Jamaican kids play the drums.
  • Cartoon: African quilt pattern
  • Ernie sings "That's What Friends are For" to Bert.
  • Susana sings to a boy to tell him what an important friend he is.
  • "My Friend"
  • Song: "Mi Familia es Lo Mejor"
  • The plaza patrons sing about how everyone there is their family.
  • Song: "We're Doing the Family Thing"
  • Lola dances to different kinds of music that make her happy and sad.
  • Cartoon: a girl dances with a dog and an alligator.
  • Maria and Susana liven up the lazy plaza with a song.

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