Release Date 2005
Produced by Ventura Entertainment
Catalogue no. 30402-7
Format DVD
Discs 1
Region 1

¡El Alfabeto de Lola! is a Plaza Sésamo video released in 2005. In the program, Lola explores the letters of the alphabet and words they start.

Segments (incomplete)

  • Zoe sings "My Name Is Zoe".
  • Telly chats with a letter R.
  • Zoe, Telly and one of the Vern interrupt a film about ducks to read the word "PATOS".
  • Big Bird shows that the letter O is the same when it's turned upside-down.
  • Zoe tries to think of a word that starts with V as various animals play the violin around her.
  • Joey and Davey Monkey try to find a way of getting banana's down from a tree.
  • Cookie Monster sings "Eating Cookie".
  • Modesto Microfono interviews a monster who karate chops words into their syllables.

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