Music by Harry Bannink
Lyrics by Hans Dorrestijn
Sesamstraat is jarig - Frank - 'n Kuiken is geen kip02:13

Sesamstraat is jarig - Frank - 'n Kuiken is geen kip

'n Kuiken is Geen Kip ("A Chick is not a Chicken") is a Sesamstraat lullaby sung by Frank Groothof. During the song, he walks through a street demonstrating to a watching crowd of children that the baby animals are not yet the same as their larger counterparts. The animals include a chick, a calf, a foal, a piglet, and a lamb. After dancing briefly with all of the children, he finishes the song and climbs into a large bed while the children continue to dance in the hay behind him.

The song appeared on a number of Sesamstraat soundtrack albums.

Audio Releases

Video Releases

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