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Muppet Magazine Fall 1984
celebrity interview

Weird Al and Fozzie Bear

Weirdl Al and Elmo

Weird Al and Elmo backstage at Sesame Street Live at the Kodak Theatre in Los Angeles (2005).

Alfred Matthew Yankovic (b. 1959), widely known as "Weird Al" Yankovic, is a veteran comedy musician and acclaimed parody artist. With over twelve albums, a full career spanning more than 23 years, and three Grammy awards, Yankovic is one of the best-known comedic musical performers in the world. In total, Al has sold more than 13 million albums, making him the biggest-selling comedy artist in music history.

Yankovic was the subject of a feature article, and cover line, in the Fall 1984 issue of Muppet Magazine. In the article, titled "Wocka, Wocka! It's Weird Al Yankovic!", Yankovic was interviewed by fellow comedy legend Fozzie Bear. In the article Yankovic talks about his start in performing, breaking into the music industry and his view on his success. Fozzie Bear states that his favorite of Yankovic's parody is "Eat It" (a parody of Michael Jackson's "Beat It"). The article, however, incorrectly referred to Yankovic's song "My Bologna" as "My Baloney!". The article was one of the selected articles later republished in the book The Best of Muppet Magazine.

A clip from Yankovic's 1984 music video for his song "Eat It" was featured in an episode of Muppet Babies, "Twinkle Toe Muppets". The episode credits however misspelled Yankovic's name as "Wierd Al" instead of "Weird Al". Another of Yankovic's music videos (for his song "You Don't Love Me Anymore") was filmed at Charlie Chaplin Studios in Los Angeles, California. The studio was later purchased by The Jim Henson Company.

In 1994 Yankovic's song "Bedrock Anthem" (a parody of two Red Hot Chili Peppers songs) was featured on the soundtrack for the feature film The Flintstones, which featured characters and effects by Jim Henson's Creature Shop. Although the song was not heard in the film, the song was featured on the album soundtrack, as well as Yankovic's album "Alapalooza".

As a connoisseur of pop-culture, "Weird Al" has declared his inner-Muppet inclinations on several occasions - including a 1999 chat:

Beavinator1: Al, if you were one of the Muppets which one would you be?
"Weird Al": LOL. I suppose Beaker.

Muppet Mentions

Yankovic's 1985 song "Yoda", a parody of "Lola" by the Kinks about the Star Wars character Yoda, features a minor Muppet mention:

Well, I've been around, but I ain't never seen a guy who looks like a Muppet, but he's wrinkled and green.

Weird Al's 1999 promotional television special "ALTV" on MTV featured an Al News segment where Yankovic announced the long-winded title of Fiona Apple's new CD. The fictional album title included a reference to Sesame Street's classic song "C is for Cookie".

Hot on the heels of latest efforts, Fiona Apple has released yet another album. This one's called "I think I will never see a poem as lovely as a tree, chapter one call me Ishmael, some years ago never mind how long precisely having little or no money in my purse, hey who took my rice cakes, does anybody have a watch, what time is it, does anybody really know what time it is, does anybody really care, well it was the best of times it was the worst of times, cause all we are is dust in the wind, and did you ever think how like maybe our entire universe is really just a molecule in God's toenail, this world is a bunch of B.S. anyway, the important thing to remember is be your own person wear what you want to wear, if you feel good in a tube top you go girl, lather rinse repeat lather rinse repeat, I need to get toilet paper orange juice sunflower seeds Pepto-Bismol and more rice cakes, don't forget dentist appointment at 2:30, dear Cosmo my boyfriend won't leave me alone when I'm trying to come up with a album title, cut it out Paul, I'm trying to write here, I mean it cut it out, would you get the phone I'm busy, C is for cookie and that's good enough for me, shemalama ding-dong yabba dabba do zippidy do da zippidy ay, if you believe in peanut butter clap your hands, does this dress make me look fat, I'm not going to pay a lot for this muffler" - on sale Tuesday.

Yankovic's 2003 song "Couch Potato", a parody of Eminem's "Lose Yourself", features a reference to The Muppet Show in the lyrics:

Then I bet I'll watch The Bachelorette followed by Welcome Back, Kotter and The Muppet Show where they go "Mahna Mahna".


Artists Parodied:

  • "Livin' on the Edge" by Aerosmith was parodied with "Livin' in the Fridge" (1993)
  • "I Want it That Way" by Backstreet Boys was parodied with "eBay" (2002)
  • "You're Beautiful" by James Blunt was parodied with "You're Pitiful" (2006)
  • "Party in the USA" by Miley Cyrus was parodied with "Party in the CIA" (2011)
  • "Gangsta's Paradise" by Coolio was parodied with "Amish Paradise" (1996)
  • "She Drives Me Crazy" by Fine Young Cannibals was the parodied with "She Drives Like Crazy" (1989)
  • "Born This Way" by Lady Gaga was parodied with "Perform This Way" (2011)
  • "Rico Suave" by Gerardo was parodied with "Taco Grande" (1992)
  • "I Got My Mind Set on You" by George Harrison was parodied with "This Song is Just Six Words Long" (1988)
  • "Bad" by Michael Jackson was parodied with "Fat" (1988)
  • "Beat It" by Michael Jackson was parodied with "Eat It" (1984)
  • "Ruthless People" by Mick Jagger was parodied with "Toothless People" (1986)
  • "Piano Man" by Billy Joel was parodied with "Ode to a Superhero" (2002)
  • "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" by Cyndi Lauper with the parodied with "Girls Just Want to Have Lunch" (1985)
  • "Stand" by R.E.M.'s was the parodied with "Spam" (1989)

"It's Still Rock 'n' Roll To Me" by Billy Joel was parodied into "Its Still Billy Joel To Me"

Song Subjects:

  • Forrest Gump was the subject of Yankovic's song and music video "Gump" (1996)
  • George of the Jungle was the subject of Yankovic's song "George of the Jungle" (1985)
  • The Phantom Menace was the subject of Yankovic's song "The Saga Begins" (1999)
  • Spider-Man was the subject of Yankovic's song "Ode to a Superhero" (2002)
  • The Star Wars character Yoda was the subject of Yankovic's song "Yoda" (1985)
  • The Flintstones was the subject of Yankovic's song and music video "Bedrock Anthem" (1993)
  • "Bohemian Rhapsody" was covered as "Bohemian Polka" (1993)


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